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CRF 300L Stage 1.5 Honda CB/CBR300R OEM Camshafts

CRF 300L Stage 1.5 Honda CB/CBR300R OEM Camshafts

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OEM Factory camshafts for the CRF 300L that pair with our Stage 1.5 tune. These camshafts have more lift and duration than the OEM CRF300L camshafts. Power band is raised slightly allowing the bike to make more power. Minimal low end torque sacrifice over stock. This setup works well for technical single track, flowing double track, and wide-open use. These camshafts provide linear power which provides a very predictable riding engine.  Best of all, engine durability is not sacrificed since all OEM internal engine hardware is used.


  • Increased top end power
  • Linear predictable power band
  • Minimal low end torque loss below 4000RPM

Required Hardware:


  • Modified airbox
  • High flow airbox lid
  • High flow airbox tube
  • Aftermarket air filter
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