Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the (R+M)/2 mean?

A: (R+M)/2 is the average of the research and motor octane numbers commonly used in the USA and Canada. Other parts of the world such as Europe, Australia, and Thailand commonly use research octane only (RON). The 91 octane series of tunes require 95 RON fuel or higher.


Q: Can I run 87 (R+M)/2 octane fuel with a 91 octane tune?

A: No, the 91 octane tunes run a more aggressive timing table, running the wrong fuel type could cause engine damage in severe situations.


Q: What if 91 (R+M)/2 octane fuel is not available?

A: With the 91 octane tune series, you need to run 91 (R+M)/2 or higher octane fuel. Sometimes gas stations will provide a 93 (R+M)/2 octane option which will work as well.


Q: Can I run 93 octane (R+M)/2 fuel in my bike?

A: Yes, this perfectly acceptable with our 91 or 87 octane tunes.


Q: Can I run 91 (R+M)/2 octane fuel with an 87 octane tune?

A: Yes, this is perfectly acceptable.


Q: Is there a difference between running 87 and 91 (R+M)/2 octane fuels in my bike?

A: Yes, 91 (R+M)/2 octane fuels typically do not have any ethanol in them. This results in about 3% more energy density than 10% ethanol fuels. Your vehicle will make slightly more power by running pure fuel in this case even when disregarding the altered timing tables we use with the 91 octane tunes.


Q: Do I need to return my stock ECU right away for a core deposit?

A: No, but we do prefer to receive them within a month of the sale. Please email support@550Performance.com before sending in the ECU core.


Q: What happens if I change hardware on my vehicle after I already have a tune?

A: We offer free tune updates for existing product customers, reach out to support@550Performance.com for more information. Please note that shipping costs will be the customer's responsibility.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: This depends on your location, the best recommendation is to create a mock order by placing the item of interest in the cart and starting the checkout process. The current services and rates will then be shown and there is no obligation to complete the order.