MY19-22 Honda Talon 1000 X/R - 91 Octane Stage 1 ECU Reflash

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Factory ECU reflash for the Honda Talon 1000 X/R. This tune is built around 91 octane (R+M)/2 fuel which helps increase power throughout the entire engine speed range. The most notable bumps come in the low to mid-range engine speeds. Primary fuel tables have been updated to support maximum power with added airflow from aftermarket exhaust system. Additionally, the secondary fuel tables have been revised as well to match the changes to the calibration in the event of a sensor failure to better protect the engine. Shifting response has been improved while driving aggressively yet remains smooth while cruising or crawling. Cooling fan turn on and off setpoint have been lowered to maintain a cooler running engine. General improvements to the cold start and target idle speed strategy to promote fast warmup and robust engine starts.


  • Engine speed limit set to 9000RPM
  • Revised ignition timing tables for 91 octane (R+M)/2 Fuel
  • Primary fuel tables mapped for best power
  • Secondary fuel tables mapped for component protection
  • Improved shifting response times
  • Cooling fan on/off setpoint lowered 9°F
  • Redefined startup and post start fuel mapping
  • Revised target idle speeds during warmup
  • Adjusted tip-in accelerator pump fueling

Hardware Requirements:

  • Honda Talon 1000 X/R
  • EVP Slip-on exhaust system or similar
  • Aftermarket air filter is optional



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