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Hurricane Cotton High Flow Air Filter

Hurricane Cotton High Flow Air Filter

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Fiber paper is commonly used to make regular air filters, utilizing a complex and layered fiber structure to filter minuscule particles. Unfortunately, after some use, these filters are prone to clogging and can impede air flow, leading to fuel inefficiency, poor combustion, and reduced acceleration, torque, and horsepower. To combat this, Hurricane Air Filters are constructed with 100% high-quality synthetic fabric and the production technology from Japan. They boast tremendous durability and resistance, successfully trapping particles down to 7 microns for optimized air flow and enhanced engine performance. Additionally, these filters are easy to clean, granting them extended usability.

Benefits of the Hurricane Air Filter Element include:

  • More Power and Smoother Acceleration: The higher airflow increases power and produces a significant mid to high-end torque gain.
  • Easiest to Maintain: There's no need for oiling, just wash and blow dry.
  • Longer lasting and more durable than other leading brands
  • Frame is constructed from high-quality treated rubber, which doesn't melt or warp under extreme heat.
  • Constructed of premium synthetic fiber
  • Certified by Japan's innovative tech & ISO 9001
  • Filter finely up to 7 microns


  • CRF 250L
  • CRF 250L Rally
  • Rebel / CMX 300
  • Rebel 500
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