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CRF300L Sport Camshafts

CRF300L Sport Camshafts

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Sport camshafts for the CRF 300L that pair with our Stage 2.0 tune. These camshafts boast more lift, duration, and overlap resulting in more peak torque and horsepower. These camshafts sacrifice minimal low end torque loss compared to stock and deliver an exhilarating power band. This setup works well for street, flowing double track, as well as single track. A properly equipped bike can expect a +29.9% gain in power and 14.1% gain in peak torque over stock.


  • Increased top end power and torque
  • Defined exhilarating power band
  • Minimal low end torque loss below 4500RPM

Required Hardware:


  • Modified airbox
  • High flow airbox lid
  • High flow airbox tube
  • Aftermarket air filter

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